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Best Body Scrub Massage For Complete Rejuvenation

Welcome to our best body scrub massage services that will rejuvenate you! Enjoy the best in self-care as we expertly blend the calming effects of massage therapy with the gratifying exfoliation of several body scrubs. Every choice is catered to by our extensive selection of body scrubs, which guarantees an individualized and revitalizing experience for you in River Salon and Day Spa. With our superb selection of scrubs, explore a realm of well-being, nourishment, and brightness.


Chocolate Scrub To Uncover Your Inner Sweetness

Indulge your senses and pamper your skin with our decadent chocolate scrub.

This scrub uses the natural exfoliating qualities of cocoa to leave your skin feeling incredibly moisturized and smooth.

Take in the pleasure of chocolate while it provides your skin with vital antioxidants and nutrients.

This delicious scrub's lovely perfume and silky texture are ideal for a sumptuous pampering session.

Coffee Scrub Massage: Awaken Your Senses

Our stimulating coffee scrub will energize your skin and revitalize your senses.

The pleasant blend of freshly ground coffee and essential oils exfoliates and tones your skin.

Allow the caffeine to tighten your skin, reducing the appearance of cellulite and providing a young shine.

Feel revived and refreshed as the rich aroma of coffee arouses your senses, leaving you ready to take on the day.

Lemongrass Scrub Massage The Refresh And Revitalizes

Enjoy the refreshing, lemony smell and cooling sensation of our lemongrass scrub.

This energizing scrub effectively removes dead skin cells while increasing circulation.

Lemongrass' antibacterial and antimicrobial characteristics cleanse and purify the skin, leaving it radiant and invigorated.

Enjoy the spicy smell and reviving effects of lemongrass as it revitalizes your body and mind.

Sea Salt Scrub Massage Offer A Sea Of Tranquility

Inspired by the healing properties of the water, take a sensory excursion with our sea salt scrub.

Sea salt gently exfoliates your skin to let out its natural shine and buff away impurities.

Enjoy the relaxing benefits of the sea while refilling the minerals in your skin and stimulating cell renewal.

Allow the sea's energizing aroma to carry you away to a place of absolute peace and relaxation.

Fruit Scrub Massage Secrets Is It's Nature's Delight

Treat yourself to a lovely fruit scrub and lose yourself in the revitalizing world of fruits.

These scrub packs contain vitamins and antioxidants, leaving your skin feeling nourished and soft.

Fruit enzymes provide natural exfoliation and offer a brighter face and fewer blemishes.

Take a trip through your senses with the alluring scents of nature's most delicious fruits, which will leave you feeling renewed and revitalized.

Experience the utmost in relaxation with our Full Body Scrub Massage. Our trained therapists combine exquisite scrubs with relaxing massage techniques, making your skin glowing and your body invigorated. Get away from the bustle and welcome peace. Improve your well-being because you are deserving of the best. In River Salon and Day Spa, Relax, revitalize, and savour the indulgence of self-care.