Hairsalon Packages

Hairsalon Packages

Groom Packages

Love and companionship are inspiring thoughts that put you in the frame of mind to look your best on your special day. As the flight of fantasy takes off, you fancy looking like the dream man for your bride. The expert from spas and salon services come in handy at such times. Men and women are equally conscious about their looks on the day of the wedding. The family usually participates in the selection of the wardrobe for the newlywed couple. However personal care as the word suggests is a personal affair. Here only beauticians and therapists can intervene and make you look your best for the occasion. At River Salon & Day Spa in Chennai, we take care of your dreams and we have a package that will turn you into the gorgeous man people have been waiting to see all evening.

Along with skincare we also indulge you in pedicure and manicure so that you shine and grab everyone’s attention. We not only work with just your looks we also ensure the health of your skin is great as all dead skins are removed and the skin is polished due to the massage. Not only will you be the star of the evening you will also be stress-free completely. We ensure that you look you’re best right from head to toe with a bright smile confidently as walk by the side of your bride. For a complete package for your marriage and other special occasions come to our best spa in Chennai. At River Salon & Day Spa we weave your dream into reality. Take our services for such occasion and see your dream come true.

Groom Special Package

Groom Special


Hair spa

Pedicure & Manicure



Shave & Haircut

Groom Make up – 12000
(Excludes from Total Package Price)

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Bridal Packages

A new bride goes through many kinds of emotions. A young bride is on a roller coaster ride of emotions before her big day. She needs to distress herself to enjoy every moment of her special day. As your feelings are peaking out you need to hand yourself to the trained hands who carve your looks with grace. As you spill with beauty a heart misses a beat as they look at you. Do not wait for any last-minute surprises which put you off guard, start your beauty treatment at least one month in advance to shine in your wedding attire. At River Salon & Day Spa we help to be brides in deciding the kind of make-up which suits them the best. Come for bridal make-up at our best spa in Chennai.

We are aware of the last-minute nervousness a bride goes through. To boost her confidence, we put her on a package program in which we work on her skin, hair, feet, and hand with the latest pedicure and manicure techniques. Her presence dazzles in the eyes of the guests like a shiny diamond besotted in a beautiful platinum ring placed in a box of jewelry. As her coy presence makes people smile in appreciation, she walks her way in style and grace with her life partner. To make your wedding night a dream come true we welcome you to River Salon & Day Spa. Get ready to shine with the help of trained hands of our beautician at our best spa in Chennai.

Bride Special Package

Bride Special


Hair Spa, Golden Facial

Pedicure, Manicure

Hand Bleach, Neck + Back Bleach

Hand & Leg Wax


Reception & Marriage in Mandappam – 15000
(Excludes from the Total Package Price)

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