Reward Yourself With The Gift Of Relaxation

Reward Yourself With The Gift Of Relaxation

Best Massage Centre In Chennai to get the Best Relief to your Body and Soul!

River Salon and Day Spa is the ideal place to get the best relaxation for your muscles. It helps to increase energy levels, relieve stress, and improve skin tone texture, and it helps to forget your stress while offering the best massage and therapies for Mind and Soul. 

To find the best massage centre, offering reasonably customized and convenient massage services as a reprieve from the muscles and body pain. Spend time for relaxation and travel those extra miles to pamper yourself for a best spa treatment in Chennai?

River Salon and Day Spa Massage Parlour Offering Body Massage Services - Includes Foot Reflexology, Detoxifying Massage, and Deep Tissue Massage & Ayurvedic massage in a range of vast ways.

At your daily work of life need to get relaxation for you. We assure you that through our offering of massage and spa therapies head-to-toe, you will get complete relief and relaxation for your body, mind and soul. 

Get the best massage for your pain relief or simply relaxation. Our massage therapies are professionals in their work, and they guide you to get the best massage for your body pain and mind leisure. They focus on massage services completely, such as foot reflexology, deep tissue massage, Balinese massage, Thai massage, & Swedish massage.
Body Massage & Therapy Services In Chennai

Coddle Your Body & Soul With Our Hand-Picked Scope

River Salon and Day Spa is a professional massage services in Chennai will provide that you exit a feel of rejuvenation. It aids speed the healing process from wounds, reduces mental stress, improves lymph and blood circulation, gain relaxes tight muscles, and you will feel relaxed. The special massage services menu is listed, via you can experience the best massage services in our locations, River Salon and Day Spa.

River Salon and Day Spa Offering Best Body Scrub Services - Encloses Coffee Scrub, Chocolate, Sea Salt Scrub, Lemongrass Scrub, Fruits Scrub of vast ways to brighten your skin texture.

At River Salon and Day Spa care, your beauty needs to enlarge your smooth skin more elegantly. We support you to choose the best scrub for skin or any specific need they might specify. We help you to improve the tonal quality of your skin with soft and shiny. 

And also aid with peeling, good blood circulation in the body with the scrub, reduces stress and provide the best relief for your mind and points from your body will scrub with the natural things. Using chocolate scrub, coffee scrub, sea salt scrub, and fruits scrub will induce your skin and produce new cells. 

Encloses Wrap are Coffee Wrap, Chocolate Wrap, Mango Wrap, Papaya Wrap, Raspberry Wrap of vast ways to brighten your skin texture and Tone - River Salon and Day Spa Offering Best Body Wrap Services

Body wraps include natural fruits or herbs with varied effects on people. Our Healers will collect the natural fruit wrap. Based on your suggestion, parts of the body start the wraps on the skin. It provides a positive impact on skin texture. 

Wraps will moisture and expand your skin texture. Natural Wrap help to the reduction of acne, pimples, and the destruction of dead cells, as well as the production of new ones. Love with our remedy and view skin glow and smoothness. Renew skin glow with perfect wrap care. At River Salon and Day Spa in Chennai, we offer the best healing care in the types of Coffee Wraps, Chocolate Wraps, Mango Wraps, Papaya Wraps, and Raspberry Wraps