Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Feel Relax and Feel Calm with Massage at River Salon and Day Spa

Deep tissue massage is an old therapy Egyptians in ancient times used. This form of therapy was studied by a Canadian medicine practitioner Therese Phimmer. He introduced this form of therapy in Canada and later it went to the US which was widely accepted by people. This form concentrates on the deep bondage between the muscle tissues and in the process of oiling and therapy is supposed to provide relief to the tensed muscles. It is followed by slow strokes and deep pressure at the pain points in the body. Usually, people with chronic pain and injury look forward to this massage. If you are in constant pain due to a tense muscle or a displaced nerve, come and walk-in for a deep tissue massage at our best spa in Chennai.

Reduce Tension and Frame at New with Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage was initially used for people in pain due to hard physical work. The massage on the musculoskeletal tissue provided relief to the body parts in pain. It is also beneficial to reduce tension in the physical frame. Slow kneading of the muscles helps in lowering down the inflammation of the body part and increasing the blood flow in all parts. This helps to treat stiff muscles without the consumption of medicines or anti-inflammatory drugs. So, if you have old muscle pain which has not found a resolution try our best deep tissue massage in Chennai.

Increases your Happiness left out Body Pain.

In ancient times this massage was used to treat sports injury and old chronic muscle pull. In a deep tissue massage other than the palm and fingers, elbows, and forearms are used for providing relief to the customer. It is also used to treat blood pressure and tennis elbow which is also a medical condition. The therapist gently kneads the muscles of the back, stomach, and neck to provide relief. Increased production of Serotonin in the body leaves the customer with a feel-good factor. To increase the happy quotient in you come and join us for massage in our best massage spa center in Chennai.


Gain Flexible Body with Perfect Shape - River Salon and Day Spa

Scar tissues are usually extremely painful in the body. People find such parts of the body bearing scars to be stiff. These parts of the body must receive timely and continuous massage to make the parts more flexible and allow free flow of blood through soft kneading of muscles which will ultimately bring down the pain and help the tissue in coordination and movement. Another good effect of this massage is seen in Arthritis which is extremely painful and the body turns stiff especially at the joints. In advanced cases of Arthritis people can find a lot of relief with deep tissue massage. In the early case of Arthritis regular massage can help in relief and reduce the symptoms. It is said that women who receive regular massages usually find their pregnancy easier as their body is more flexible. Post-pregnancy massages help women in tightening up the loosened muscles and getting back to shape much faster. To get the benefit of massage and stay fit put yourself on a schedule for a deep tissue massage in our best massage spa in Chennai.