Coffee Wrap

Coffee Wrap

Stimulate Your Skin with Best Coffee Wrap In Chennai - River Salon and Day Spa

The goodness of coffee is known to the world. A morning with hot coffee brings the zing back in a lazy morning. After drinking a cup of aromatic coffee, we look forward to the day with positive thoughts and zeal. Coffee is said to keep many serious illnesses at bay. It is good for the blood stream and also great for the skin to keep it soft and supple. Coffee wraps gained momentum in the spas and beauty parlors in the 80’s and 90’s. When used as a body wrap the antioxidant of the coffee helps in keeping the toxins at bay in the dermal layer. If you want to stimulate your skin back to health, come to River Salon and Day Spa for the Best Coffee Wrap Massage spa in Chennai.

Best Caffeine Treat for Your Body to Rejuvenate your Skin

Many doctors say that the caffeine in coffee helps in better functioning of the brain by keeping the senses alert by enhancing the working of the neurons. The use of coffee wraps and scrubs is on the rise as it helps in taking away the dried and dead skin. Post using the wrap the skin glows with health and shine. The constant rubbing of coffee along with the essential oil helps the skin in better blood circulation and getting rid of sweat and dust from the dermal layer. If you are looking to rejuvenate your looks with a better skin tone, come and join us at our best massage spa in Chennai.


Benefits Of Fine Powder Induce your Skin Texture

The texture of the body wrap is a fine powder which can be mixed with water and used all over to get a bright and supple skin. The coffee contains many other ingredients like essential oils and other minerals which is great for the health of the epidermal layer. The elements of coffee help in removing the tan of the sun and the wrinkles which gather due to the passage of time. It also passes on anti-inflammatory properties which make the face look warm and lustrous. For an unforgettable shine and glimmer come to River Salon & Day Spa for a wrap and massage at our best massage spa in Chennai

Soft Rub by Healers Will Bliss For Skin Wonders

The skin feels wonderful after using a coffee wrap. The skin is well moisturized and soft to touch. Other than working on the circulation of the blood it also works on decreasing the water retention in the body. Many people who have used this wrap regularly say it does not allow the skin to crack due to changing climatic conditions and the skin is soft and the glimmer remains at all times. Caffeine is a great immunity booster and even boosts the metabolism rate of the body which helps in burning out the extra fat. The adrenalin level in the body rises which keeps us active. If blemishes and pigmentation have been bothering you perhaps your resolution lies in a coffee wrap and its slow and soft rubbing on your body with the help of our healers. Coffee and lemon juice go well together and work well on scars for the removal of marks on face and body. If you are in Chennai come take care of the blemishes on your body, with a wraps and massages at our best spa center in Chennai.