Chocolate Wrap

Chocolate Wrap

Add Beauty With Your Favourite Chocolate Wrap - River Salon and Day Spa in Chennai

An evening dipped in chocolate is a dream most of us live with. Have you ever thought that your favorite sweet can also add to your beauty quotient? Chocolates are a dream of children and adults. It is a detoxifying agent which many perhaps might not know. Chocolate wraps are getting popular in spas as it helps in adding softness and toning the skin. The use of wraps is not new to the world. It has been a part of Egyptian and Chinese culture. Body wrap was also believed to bring down body weight so it was used in the ancient ages by the members of the royalty to enhance their charm. If you are about to get married or want to work on your skin tone and color, come to River Salon and Day Spa for the Best Chocolate Wrap Massage spa in Chennai.

Aroma of The Chocolate will Relax Your Body and Mind.

The taste and the smell of chocolate is great for the mind and the body. Many doctors recommend dark chocolate for people who are feeling low or going through a phase of depression in life. The doctors say that the smell of chocolate helps in getting a happy feeling from inside as its evocative smell brings in happy memories and thoughts. The secretion of endorphins brings in a feeling of welfare and places a smile on the face of the user which also helps in losing fats. To make yourself happy, chirpy, and a vision of charm, come and be a part of our happy circle of beauty treatment with the help of chocolate wrap and massage at our best massage spa in Chennai.


Treat of Chocolate Wrap Provide Clear Tone With Texture

In a chocolate wrap treatment, the full body of the client is wrapped with chocolate which contains cocoa, nourishing oil, and sea salt. The sea salt and cocoa allow the body to exfoliate and take a cleaner tone. The glyceride in the chocolate allows the skin to tighten up. The wrap is kept for a period of ten to fifteen minutes and then washed away with the help of soap and water. Many spas wrap the body of the client with plastic for better absorption of the nutrients available in the wrap. To understand and experience this beauty treatment come to our best massage spa in Chennai.

Chocolate Wrap Tightening Up Your Sagging Skin - River Salon and Day Spa in Chennai

Many ladies get stretch marks post pregnancy and they are looking for a way to get rid of these lines on the stomach and other parts of the body. Post pregnancy many get a loose and sagging skin around the belly which needs to be tightened for beauty and health purposes. It is easily achievable with a little bit of regular exercise, chocolate wrap and massage. The wrap helps in tightening up the skin and the scars lighten up due to its regular usage. If you are working on your body weight it is advisable to go for a body wrap once or twice a week to tone up the body and reduce inflammation and reduce water retention of the body. If you are going through a weight loss program, come to our spa to enhance the benefits of weight loss at our best massage spa in Chennai.