Porur Spa Location

Porur Spa Location


Best Bewitching Spa Experience in Porur at River Salon and Day Spa

Our services in Porur meet the expectations of an ordinary client in each service that we provide. We plan to become the melting pool for every kind of ayurvedic treatment and massages. We tend to get your body freed from any quiet pain and ailments or reduce you from the regular stress combined because of the work, anxiety, or any muscular pain. 

We tend to attempt to improve your experience with our service given by our experts. Our client service and individual attention to each customer are unrivalled. The minute you step to leave your worries aside and allow our team of therapists and stylists to meet your expectation.

After a nerve-wracking day in the workplace accomplishing back-breaking work, massage helps to break from work. Within the peace of our Best spa at Porur, our place will be a haven for relaxation. Because the healer kneads your muscles and the nerves receive the necessary pull, your muscles tend to relax, and the stress appears to leave your body. You can accompany your partner for the therapies and massages with couple massage services. 

Exfoliate Skin with Best Massage and Wraps

Our unique Spa Massage and treatments privilege your skin to exfoliate and radiate with shine and health. You would be surprised at the softness of your skin after the treatment. In the Body Scrub and Body Wrap treatments, we have a tendency to use organic merchandise, which is unique to our spa. It aids to supply the vitamins to the skin that fills and nourishes the skin, and the skin is deeply hydrated with massage and different treatments. Walk into Our Best River Salon and Day Spa at Porur for skin and hair treatment of your choice.


Our therapists treat our clients with a light massage with the tip of their index finger taking it around the eyes in a light circle with the help of oil and lotions. The blood circulation along the lines of the face increases. Slight stress is created as the fingers of the therapist push the skin outwards towards the eyebrow and then inwards towards the cheekbone. As the circling happens around your eyes the skin gets treated for the wrinkles which have gathered due to the passage of time. At Riverdayspa we help our clients to attain younger skin with the help of massage and natural body wraps at our spa in Egmore.


Our Massages, Scrubs And Natural Body Wraps, Renew Yourself.

While, the therapies you can view body exfoliate, shine and feel the smoothness of your skin. Your skin will emit health, care and the expertise of the therapist. Become a part of our excursion that is all about health and vigour.


Skin Care, Hair Spa and Hair Styling -
At River Salon and Day Spa for All

We treat us entirely to our clients in a unique way. All packages are made differently to service based on our customer's different needs. Our customers feel their years softening right in front of their eyes with our therapy. With our trendy styles and services, you'll feel and look young. Join the bold look and flaunt your fashion and style to the world. Our best experts in River Salon and Day Spa will show you the way to a new you.