Balinese Massage

Balinese Massage

Traditional Balinese massage will Energize your Body at River Salon and Day Spa.

The phrase Balinese massage has originated from Indonesia, Bali where the technique of this massage originated. It is traditionally based on the traditional medical practices of Southeast Asia. The person receiving the massage gets the benefit of aroma therapy due to the use of different oils and lotion by the therapist followed by techniques of acupressure, gentle kneading of muscles which creates lymphatic pressure on the blood flow. It is a kind of alternative medicinal care which tries to achieve relaxation of the body and is an effective therapy. So, if you need a relaxing holiday and give yourself a healthy treat walk into our Best spa in Chennai.

Focus of Healers will Find a Relieve Produce Peace and Joy.

A tired body and a low soul would find peace and tranquility in these forms of therapies as your senses are filled with the goodness of healthy techniques of massage and sweet-scented oil which leaves you in a tranquil world of satisfaction and joy. This therapy contains multiple techniques which take your mind off worldly affairs and keeps you focused on well being and contentment. If you have any kind of physical pain or feel a painful knot somewhere you should visit us and get yourself treated by our therapists at our massage spa in Chennai. Physical issues can be treated with ease and pleasure by our healers who would walk you to health with the help of trained hands and technique.

Encompass your Sense with Balinese Massage

In today’s world of rush, the mind is boggled and receptive to stress at all times. We all need a time in our life where we pack our stress bags and open up for pleasure. When you enter our Best spa for a massage in Chennai your mind will drift from all your stressful thoughts as we will encompass your senses with the aroma amassed in the surroundings which will soothe your mind and soul. This massage entails the use of some essential oils which can be found only in Bali. The use of such medicinal oil makes your journey through the therapy filled with satisfaction and joy.


Relaxation and Rejuvenation with Care of Therapist - River Salon and Day Spa.

The acupressure used through the massage will find deep-rooted painful points in your body which caused irritation in everyday life but its presence was not known to you. The long gentle strokes on and kneading of the muscles take away the anxiety and tension with which you had walked in with. We tend to rebalance the factor of relaxation and rejuvenation in yourself which you had been wanting for a long time. So, whenever the need to pamper yourself arises walk into our spa in Chennai.

When you visit a spa to relax disclose to your therapist about any medical ailments if you have. Since this is also a methodology of alternate treatment you might just find a solution to an aching part of your body. This method of treatment is great for sports injuries where therapy with oil and lotions can work wonders. To spiritually and physically relax and move into a carefree mindset set yourself in our care at our Best spa in Chennai.