Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic Massage

Best Ayurvedic Massage With Experts at River Salon and Day Spa In Chennai

Indus valley civilization is the cradle of Ayurvedic treatment. It has got accepted as an alternative form of treatment all across the world. From the ayurvedic treatment evolved the Ayurvedic massage which is a part of the treatment process. The practices of Ayurveda can be seen in old scriptures like the Bhela Samhita, Sushruta Samhita, and Chakra Samhita which were written around the year 6th BC. As the scholars in India got educated about the medicinal effect of Ayurvedic massage they started writing more and more about it which got translated into Arabian and Persian which spread to other countries. A traditional Ayurvedic Massage that has its root in our soil, come to River Salon and Day Spa for the Best  Massage spa in Chennai.

Aromatic oil Will Induce Your Mind and Soul

The Ayurvedic treatment looks into the climatic condition, the emotional stress, the psychological pressure one goes through in everyday life during the process of treatment. The use of aromatic oils keeps the five senses engaged which takes the mind off from the everyday hassles. This has a direct effect on the psychology and the internal spirit of the person. The massage effect can be felt in the form of loss of pain in the knotted muscles in the body. It strengthens the reflexes by increasing the circulation of the blood and making the lymphatic system better which increases the removal of toxins from the body. To understand the effect of Ayurvedic massage and its benefits come to our best massage spa in Chennai at River Salon and Day Spa.

Well-Being with Ayurvedic Massage and Gain Benefits

The therapist while interacting with the client tries to understand the lifestyle and physical complications of the person seeking the massage. This allows the therapist to understand the kind of treatment the person would require and the kind of massage oil to be used during the therapy. Many believe that regular oiling and massage helps in loosening the excess cellulite under the skin which helps in weight loss. It has an overall effect where it balances the doshas and avoids diseases and illness. To regain full health and fitness be a part of our regular massage schedule and relax your strained reach Our Best Ayurvedic Massage Spa in Chennai at River Salon and Day Spa.


Slight Pressure will Produce Healthier Body and Stress Relief.

The therapist pours aromatic oil in large quantities on the person receiving the therapy. The massage starts from the head then each part of the body is soaked in oil and is followed till the toe. Circular motion and slight pressure help in relief from pain leaving it with a healthier tone of the skin. Many people facing hair loss go for aromatic oil treatment which helps in arresting the loss of hair. It has an overall effect on the body which boosts the internal immunity and helps in recovering the sleep pattern. Overall physical fitness is achieved in this process. The pain threshold of the body increases with this in the long term. Measures of acupressure is also used to relieve pain from different muscles and nerve ends. While you are at Chennai visit our best spa massage center in Chennai at River Salon and Day Spa take a healthy body and mind back home.